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Armory Square Ventures is a venture capital firm based in Upstate New York and NYC.  We often provide the first round of institutional capital for companies targeting the largest industries across New York State and select emerging cities across the Northeast. We are actively involved in all aspects of company growth—from recruiting senior talent, customers, and co-investors to providing general management support.

We launched our firm in 2014 and consider ourselves fortunate to be backed by the region’s most respected institutions, corporations and foundations. Our entrepreneurs tend to be as passionate as our community is to build companies that support and grow their own towns and geographies.

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We work hard to earn the respect of our entrepreneurs. We believe reputations matter and that startup ecosystems are vital and important. We are entrepreneurs ourselves and seek those as passionate as we are about changing the world
through new business.

Investment Criteria

  • Stage: Seed & Series A
    (no min. revenue requirement)  

  • Location: Management based in New York State and/or other emerging cities across the Northeast region  

  • Check Size: $500K - $2M in the first round with plenty of reserves for follow-on capital  

  • Business Profile & Model: Software, mobile, or technology-enabled services with repeatable, recurring, or transaction-based revenue models and an emphasis on B2B enterprise solutions
  • Market: Addressable markets of at least $500M  

  • Team: Full-time technical/product leader and sales/marketing leader  

  • Traction: Prototype of product deployed with a small sample size of customers (even if piloting); capital efficient

Stage Focus

Seed and Early Stage


Primarily Upstate New York, NYC and select, emerging cities across the Northeast

Target Investment

Up to $2M initially with considerable reserves for follow on investments

Investment Team

Somak Chattopadhyay - Managing Partner

Steven G. Felsher - Venture Partner

John A. Cococcia - Venture Partner

Steve Hovagimyan - Director of Business Development

Pia Sawhney - Director of Strategy

Neenah Jain - CFO

Alfonso Aguila - Senior Associate

Jackson Feder - Analyst

Investment Focus

Software, mobile and technology-enabled businesses targeting high growth sectors including:

- Healthcare IT

- Education Technology

- Food and Agriculture Software

- Manufacturing Automation Software

- Energy Software

- Corporate and University Spin-outs

- Fin Tech

- Ad tech/digital marketing/e-commerce

- Software-as-a-Service